In addition to the design of Bridges and Viaducts, We are capable to design and realize efficient equipment as We have experiences in the direct execution of the works and in the use of equipment: we know how their choice affect on costs and schedule.

Our Engineers work, during the design, in team with our Construction and Site Managers who have a long practical experience about use and functionality of the equipment.

We can supply directly the equipment that we design and we can manufacture them in our affiliated factories worldwide.

During their construction, our technicians ensure the compliance of the product with required standards of efficiency and quality.

Our main products

  • Segmental Launching Gantry
  • Full Span Launching Gantry
  • Special Launching Carrier
  • Straddle Carrier
  • Rail Type Gantry Cranes
  • Segment Mould 
  • Incremental Lounching Systems