We know well what are the needs of our Customers during the realization of the works, and what can meet those needs because we have a practical experience in the execution of the works: we use the latest technology that will get the job done in the best and most cost-effective way. 

Our engineers have a consolidated experience for many types of bridges, such as: precast match casting segments, precast long span, span by span precast segments, cantilever cast on site, steel or precast beams, incremental lunching of steel or concrete elements.
The main aim of our engineers is to develop  constructive solutions and equipments that allow for cost-effectiveness, simplicity and lower construction time.

Our company employs experts in the field of bridge constructiom and offers a full range of related services, including feasibility studies, bridge design and design review, tender documents, site planning, precat layout, construction engineering, management of the construction site and design of efficient equipment.

ATC Engineering employs a dynamic team of engineers skilled and technically trained employees with a broad range of experience. This allows us to provide first-rate multidisciplinary services.

Our services include:

  • Structural Design
  • Construction Engineering;
  • Shop drawings;
  • Construction Manuals;
  • Construction and camber analysis;
  • Temporary supports or falsework;
  • Casting Yard Layout ad Design;
  • Development of cinematic details of launching and structural verification of the deck for building loads;
  • Geometry controls and adjustments during launch operations and prefabrication;
  • Technical support during construction;