Building fire risk analysis is a process of understanding and characterizing the fire hazards, the unwanted outcomes that may result from the fire, and the probabilities of fire and unwanted outcomes occurring.

The purpose is to evaluate and make a decision about the level of fire risk to determine whether to take appropriate risk management measures or not. Therefore, building fire risk analysis serves as a basis for fire risk management.

The complex matter of fire prevention can be approached according to two substantially different strategies.

On the one hand, the deterministic approach takes the form of the introduction of extremely prescriptive rules and the use by the designer of very simple calculation tools.

On the other, an engineering-type approach (Fire Safety Engineering) is based on the prediction of the evolutionary dynamics of the fire through the application of suitable calculation models. The strength of this second strategy is its extreme flexibility and the ability to minimize adjustments.

Our technicians have gained extensive experience in the FSE sector and are able to provide a highly qualified service through the use of modern and tailor-made software.

We provide the following services:

  • Fire prevention and protection
  • Emergency and evacuation plans and scenarios
  • Fire fighting systems design (Sprinkler, Mechanical systems for the disposal of smoke and heat, Inert Gases Quenching systems )
  • Modeling in FDS
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Explosion risk assessments